bmw 5 1987 e28 2 4d руководство

M70B50 with manual 5q getrag from BMW E28 M30

E30 Fix 5 | Interior Removal

0:50 Back Seats, 1:13 Front Seats, 1:44 Center Console, 1:56 Shift Knob, 2:06 Carpet, 3:08 Top Handles, 3:16 Interior Lights, 3:31 Rear Door Panels, 3:58 Rear Window Lock, 4:14 Front Top Panel,...

BMW e28 524d 524td original gegen leistungsgesteigert / stock vs modified

comparison of the performance of three different 80´s bimmer diesels. All 524 are equipped with 5-speed manual trannies, rear axle gear ratios are 3,91 (524d), 3,15 (524td), 2,79 (524td intercooler);

How to Reset the BMW E28 5-Series Services Light (oil, brake, service) (1080p)

Turn on igniton. Connect PIN-1 and PIN-7 and wait for 10-20 seconds. Used an 1982 BMW E28 520i 92kw. Oil Reset, Brake Pad Reset, Service Reset.

BMW Alpina B9 3.5 (E28) Quick look

The B9 was the first Alpina car based on the E28 platform. The production started in November 1981 and ended in December 1987. In 1985 the B9 received the engine from B6 3.5 and the name was...

Changing Fluid in BMW Manual Transmission - Under Car Fluid Changes

BLOG ARTICLE: PARTS LIST: All of the items shown in these videos are available in our online store at Need additional tech help? Please...

E30 Factory Radio Removal

NEW E30 RADIO: BMW TOOL: How to remove the E30 factory radio. As demonstrated on this 1987 325iS with premium sound. Get a new E30 radio: http://amz...

1988 BMW E28 M5 Short Twisty Drive behind E36 325is

Short twisty segment on the way to Tagaytay Highlands, Philippines.


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