bmw 5 1987 e28 2 4d руководство

M70B50 with manual 5q getrag from BMW E28 M30

Changing Fluid in BMW Manual Transmission - Under Car Fluid Changes

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E28 Walkaround

My E28 “535e” was originally a 528e. Now it has a M30 swap cam, headers, dogleg gearbox that I fixed, S. 3.46 Bilistein Sports H&R Sport Springs ST Swaybar.

Bmw e28 525 vs. Bmw e34 535 1/4 mile

Drag @ kiltsi airport 23.04.11.

How to Reset the BMW E28 5-Series Services Light (oil, brake, service) (1080p)

Turn on igniton. Connect PIN-1 and PIN-7 and wait for 10-20 seconds. Used an 1982 BMW E28 520i 92kw. Oil Reset, Brake Pad Reset, Service Reset.

BMW e28 524d 524td original gegen leistungsgesteigert / stock vs modified

comparison of the performance of three different 80´s bimmer diesels. All 524 are equipped with 5-speed manual trannies, rear axle gear ratios are 3,91 (524d), 3,15 (524td), 2,79 (524td intercooler);

E28 535is fuel consumption issue

Based on the video with the mpg meter, does that seem excessive for only 1/8 throttle and extremely drawn out acceleration? The car runs a little rough at idle, bucks and hesitates a little...

BMW 635CSI M6 E24 1987 -VIDEO-

Interested in this car? Please visit -------------------------------------------------------- BMW 635CSI M6 E24...


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